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Name: Steve Fernandes

  1. (actually Stephen, but I prefer Steve - it wastes less ink!)

Occupation: Scientist (AV and Computer Products)

Based In: Milton Keynes, UK

Greatest Achievements: My two wonderful children

Hobbies: Music, photography, video, computing

Favourite Holiday: Egypt

Favourite Guitars: Ovation Elité shallow cutaway and Fender Custom Strat.

Favourite Footpedals: BOSS

Favourite Amplifiers: Marshall (also based in my hometown of Milton Keynes)


I am the lead singer/lead guitarist for the 5-piece functions band Calibre. We generally play in and around the M25 area but have been known to travel much farther on occasion. Most of our gigs tend to be corporate dinner dances, but we do also play for weddings and other private functions.

Three Solo Recorded songs

Steve Fernandes Rehersal
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During the day I am a scientist in the Electronic Products (Audiovisual) department at Intertek, a performance testing laboratory in Milton Keynes. I write test programmes and carry out product assessments for computer based peripherals, software and audiovisual equipment for magazines, manufacturers and importers.

I also  have a keen interest in energy consumption and measurement methodologies.  Much of my time is spent measuring energy consumption of TVs, desktop computers, laptops, printers and power supplies for the UK government body DEFRA as part of the Market Transformation Programme. The power measurements check for compliance and are also fed into the United States ENERGY STAR® test data set to help set criteria for lower energy consumption for future ICT equipment in standby and in-use modes. I also sit on National Standards Committees working in the area of standards development relating to the measurement of energy consumption which often takes me to CENELEC in Brussels.

Recently FIVETV’s “The Gadget Show” came to the laboratory to compare current TVs and to find out how we measure the power consumption of TVs and we were featured on the programme. Note that the test patterns featured are not the actual ones we use when measuring.

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